You Might Have Noticed That Our Ampersand is Pretty Important to Us.
It Unifies Everything We Do
In screenplay credits, the names of two authors joined with “&” signifies they collaborated on the script, while two writers joined with “and” worked on the script at different times and may not have consulted each other at all. Who wants to work like that? We are a company of strong individuals who prefer to work as a team. Think Dolce & Gabbana, R&D, rhythm & blues, soup & sandwich, or Key & Peele. We need each other, we work better together.
It Leaves Us Open To Whatever Is “Next.”
It is both a reassuring promise and a provocative question. An open-ended addition that allows us to look forward to adding a new skill or wrinkle to our process. It is also an intellectual question. A challenge for us to constantly search for the unusual combination, to add the unexpected plot twist, or take the unconventional route to a solution.
Some People Say We Are Driven. We Say We Have Principles.
Make sense – We don’t make something just to make it. We make it because it is the right thing to do. Planned carefully to exceed business objectives and wildest dreams.
Make it better Our aim is to constantly improve everything we touch. If we can’t make it better, why do it?
Make it captivating – Beauty and fascination are intrinsic values that we weave into everything we create.
Make it fun The collaborative process should be fun. When it is something to look forward to, ideas flow and long lasting relationships are formed.
A Love Story In The Making
Everyone likes to say they provide excellent customer service, but we put our money where our mouth is. Just ask our clients. Really. They love us. Our culture is defined by a can-do attitude. We believe there’s no such thing as an unreasonable request (well, some are more reasonable than others, we’ll admit that). And we do our best to deliver on our client’s requests, because we love them back.