Hello World September 12, 2017

We’re really excited to bring you what is undoubtedly the second most exciting launch happening on the internet today: The Form & Fiction Blog. We know the whole iPhone X thing is huge–after years of sharing videos of your avocado toast in stunning 4k, you’ll now be able to animate the poop emoji with your face, truly unlocking your creative potential. It’s easy to understand the hype. But when the keynote livestream crashes, or if like the rest of the internet, you’ve seen it all in the leaks from last night, we thought you’d maybe want to hang with us, because we’re chill like that…cocktails anyone?

And if you’re not the type to accept drinks from strangers, let us introduce ourselves. We’re Form & Fiction, a San Francisco creative studio that aims to take on creative challenges while forming lasting friendships with our partners. What does that mean exactly? Well truth be told, it can mean a lot of things. It all depends on your needs, ambitions, or even your marketing department’s “visionary” requests. Tell us your heart’s desires, and we’ll see what we can do.

And that brings us to this blog. This isn’t going to be your typical ego-stroking agency news outlet. Why? Because we’re not your typical agency. We know, we know. We can feel your eyes rolling from here. If you had a dime for every time you heard “not your typical agency,” you’d be neck deep in Roosevelts by now. But we’re keeping our money on this one.

We’re not going to repost industry news because there are plenty of places for that already. We’re not here to tell you about our awards and wins, because we’re in this for the journey, not to win a trophy.

We’re starting this blog to share our beliefs, our process, our successes, our failures, and maybe a few fun ideas while we’re at it.

So if you’re interested in learning more about why we do things the way we do and who we are, check back with us soon!