Feed Your Face. (Literally.)
Ferris Plock, San Francisco based artist and work-at-home Dad, found himself locked in the universal “struggle” with his two boys at mealtime. (Sound familiar caregivers?) His solution was to create edible “faces” to encourage healthier habits and a more adventurous spirit at mealtime. Once his creations won over his sons, he shared them with 16,000 of his closest friends (on Instagram). And now the faces are up to their tricks in the pages of the book, Food Faces, created in partnership with F&F. The colorful collection of “how-to” food art is intended to make mealtime a fun and entertaining experience for you and your kids. Engage the whole family to “visually” nourish them, as well as create an open conversation around food. It’s quite possible this book will aid you in getting them to try something they’ve never tried before.
Food Faces Cookbook & Coloring Book
The self-published book and related products are available at:
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