Hair To The Throne

With Trump’s tiny hands conducting an orchestra of political pandemonium, we felt the need to take a stand and strum our own tune of resistance. In the throes of covfefe-fueled inspiration, we saw an opportunity to inspire hope and political activism through comedy.


Introducing Hair to the Throne, a story about the most notorious combover in American history. Born from our unspoken commitment to channeling our talents into positive change, Hair to the Throne is the tale of Donald Trump’s hair as an unlikely champion of the resistance. In just over two weeks, we developed a cast of characters, built a website and social media presence, and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Trailer

What began as a joke over coffee, turned into so much more: a creative challenge, a true Form & Fiction passion project, and a full-blown animated trailer (the most watched trailer in inaugural history, we’re pretty sure).

The Characters

The Hair takes on the daunting job of righting Trump’s daily (hourly? minutely?) wrongs, but he doesn’t fight the good fight alone. Get to know all his friends and foes in Hair to the Throne.

Social Media

“Social Media.” Have you heard of that term before? We just came up with it a couple of days ago and thought it was good. So good that we created a Twitter, an Instagram, and a Facebook page that gained over 1,000 followers in its first week. INCREDIBLE! #hopeisinthehair

Behind The Scenes

This has been an undertaking that’s truly united and engaged our entire studio. Everyone has put their very regular sized hands to work, from concept and sketches all the way through production and marketing.

The Kickstarter

*of our $1 funding goal

We started this idea with one promise to America: “We’re going to build a Kickstarter, the best Kickstarter.” And believe us, it was a yuge success. Just look at the numbers. We raised 560,700% of our initial funding goal, so Mexico didn’t have to pay for any of it.

Keeping the Hair Alive

For better or for worse, Hair to the Throne practically writes itself every time Trump’s mouth speaks or his thumbs Tweet. At this rate, the bingeability of the show will be unreal by the end of the month, let alone 2020. So while we’re still actively developing the show, we’d love your help. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Hair to the Throne team, click below to request the pitch bible and pilot script!