A Form & Fiction Mockumentary
Here There Where
We get it almost every day: What do you do at Form & Fiction? While we’ll never get tired of explaining what goes into making our creative donuts, or pointing you to our Studio Services page, we wanted to answer this quintessential question in an entertaining and unmistakably F&F fashion. And thus, Here There Where was born.


After many months of work with an amazingly talented crew, we’re delivering you this 40 minute satirical saga about life at our studio. Check out the trailer and video below, and get a behind the scenes peek over at this blog post.

Here in 57 Seconds
Curious and got 0.95 minutes to spare? Check out our trailer.
And a little behind the scenes.
The 40-Minute Year Old Version
What is Form & Fiction? How can anything be this trinormously fun? What was the name of the one movie again?! All this, and much, much, much more revealed in Here There Where.