It Started With a Photograph.

For more than ten years and counting, HP has called upon F&F to create a variety of projects. A partnership that began with a single image, grew to establishing brand standards for all photography across HP’s printer division. (If you could see us now, you’d know we’re blushing.)

Photography & CGI

A vital partner to HP, we’ve worked across multiple product lines to create imagery for marketing campaigns, packaging and online. As technology advanced, F&F welcomed 3D artists into our family. We now spend equal amounts of time behind the camera and in front of a computer, creating visual assets in sync with HP’s evolving brand.

Branded Lifestyle & Video Content

Today our technology goes with us everywhere. So when an industry giant needed a library showcasing a few portable devices, we took a trip to SFO to shoot interesting people and their digital traveling companions. Bon voyage boring tech imagery!

Animation & Interactive Experiences

When you are already developing a highly polished image of a device, the next logical step is to create 24 images per second. F&F was already hard at work crafting animated videos for our other partners, so it was only natural to begin working with HP in the same way. Now that things are set in motion, the sky’s the limit.

Modular CG Environments

HP asked us to create an environmental program, but it had nothing to do with green house gasses. They needed a library of environments that could be manipulated or styled to fit a huge variety of products and uses (both forseen and unexpected). F&F created a 3D environment library that could be revisited ad infinitum. Each and every prop or object could be individually moved, the camera angle adjusted, and color updated to allow for maximum flexibility. This strategy allowed HP to reduce costs by having access to backgrounds that could be adjusted, styled and repurposed to match the ever-changing needs for both consumer and enterprise applications.