Meet KURI, the world’s friendliest home robot.

Our friends at Mayfield Robotics are not your typical startup and they’ve been busy creating the future. Not the jetpacks and flying cars kind of “future,” but a one of a kind robot that will be bringing joy into homes like yours. F&F helped reveal KURI to the world by using the craft of its CG, photo, video, and design artists to create a campaign that made cute and cuddly look all kinds of sexy. So go ahead, we dare you to try and judge this robot by its cover.

Kids with Kuri

KURI is both highly intelligent and highly adorable. Our friends at Mayfield Robotics want KURI to bring a new spark of fun into your home. To test KURI’s lovable personality, we introduced her to the experts in that field – kids.

Explore Kuri

Every component in Kuri works to create dynamic interactions that brings out a real sense of personality. Inside she’s filled with incredibly accurate sensors and powerful processors so KURI can practically feel what you feel. To prove it, F&F created an interactive module, so you can see exactly what KURI is made of.

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