Sketch Pad Meet, 3D Print.
You know when you have one of those ideas, and at first it seems a little crazy, but then it just becomes irresistible? Well, we do. And we had one.
San Francisco based artists (and husband & wife team) Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall were looking to add a new dimension to their illustrated worlds. Their vision was a pair of fanciful sculptures that could be premiered alongside the original painted work at an upcoming gallery opening.
F&F sculpted 3D computer-generated models from the team’s original drawings. This hybrid of artistic intentions paired with a tech infused process led to two glossy, full-color statuettes rendered through a special 3D printing process.
Finding Ourselves in a Holding Pattern
Ironically, after such a fruitful maiden voyage, our partnership with Kelly and Ferris now found itself in a holding pattern (but in a good way). Our next joint venture was to produce new work for HOLDING PATTERN, a group show that recently debuted at the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco.
A myriad of aerial madness ensued at the show. Together we animated large scale projections for two of the gallery walls, designed and fabricated old school balsa wood gliders, gilded a golden pair of wings for each would-be-pilot, as well as dreamed up social content to promote it all to an eager audience.
More is More.
The positive effect of our collaboration was clear, and it felt natural to join efforts under a single banner, thus Day Dreamers Limited was born. DDL is a partnership committed to the belief that our dreams don’t need to be separated from our day job.
Logo Design
Ice Cream Sculptures
Pizza Guy
Food Faces
A project born of a father’s necessity, loved on Instagram, and now published as equal parts art and cookbook, Food Faces is a colorful collection of “how-to” food art meant to inspire anyone who needs to feed their kids. But this is a whole story, which you can find out more about it  here